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2013 Academic Year Seminars

Speaker(s): Reimer Kuehn
Organiser: Dr Ivan Markovsky
Time: 19/11/2008 14:00-15:00
Location: B6/1129


We investigate the problem of learning with incomplete information in neural networks, as exemplified by learning with delayed reinforcement. We study a two phase learning scenario in which a phase of Hebbian associative learning based on momentary internal representations is supplemented by an 'unlearning' phase depending on a graded reinforcement signal. The reinforcement signal quantifies the success-rate globally for a number of learning steps in phase one, and 'unlearning' is indiscriminate with respect to associations learnt in that phase. Learning according to this model is studied via simulations and analytically within a student-teacher scenario for both single layer networks and, for a committee machine. Success and speed of learning depend on the ratio of the learning rates used for the associative Hebbian learning phase and for the unlearning-correction in response to the reinforcement signal, respectively. Asymptotically perfect generalization is possible only, if this ratio exceeds a critical value, in which case the generalization error exhibits a power law decay with the number of examples seen by the student, with an exponent that depends in a non-universal manner on the ratio of learning rates. We find these features to be robust against a wide spectrum of modifications of microscopic modelling details.

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